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October 13, 2009
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     Our story begins in a dark castle in the east of the Hadian Providence in the land of Celsuron. The providence was mostly known as the Isle of the Demons. In this castle, a demon couple lived. The female had given birth to a new baby boy... Except, as unlikely as it may seem, the child was no demon at all, he was an angel.
      Since this angel child was born of demons, he wasn't quite a full angel, but a broken angel. It was rare for a broken angel to be born, for an angel would obviously not be born from demons.
      The baby angel's mother shreiked in discust at their new son and left the room to her husband. Explaining what their new son was, the father growled and grunted in shock, "What?! Where is it?!" "In there," the mother pointed to the room she had come from. The father burst into the room, seeing the baby broken angel lying on the floor, still covered in grime and blinded, unable to open his eyes. "Urgh..." the father grumbled as he poked the small, unmoving body, "Is it dead?" "We can only hope..." the mother replied grimmly. A young demon, about the age of six, peered around his mother's leg, only to be lightly nudged back, away from the view of the baby broken angel. "Understand, Rikron, you cannot enter this room until we say," the mother said to the young demon. The boy nodded and scurried off, knowing to obey his parents, but kept the image of his supposed-to-be-forgotten younger brother in his mind. The father nudged the small boy one last time with his foot, and seeing it not moving or making a sound, the two exited the room, locking it behind.
     Three days later, their house cleaner, Victoria, came over while the demon family was out, busy as usual. After instructions from the demons to skip the parlor this week, she went down the hall by the parlor, dusting the small tables that lined the hallway. She paused, hearing soft crying from beyond a door. After checking all the doors down the hall, she pressed her ear against the parlor door, hearing the soft cries more clearly. She quickly grabbed her chain of spair keys the demons had given her, she unlocked the door quickly, seeing the small baby angel lying on the floor, his little head lifted curiously, still blind from the grime that kept his eyes from opening, and listened to hear who it could be.
     Gasping in horror at the sight, Victoria rushed to the boy, kneeinging down to him and lifting him up carefully. "Oh, you poor, poor little thing!" Victoria cooed softly as she craddled the boy in her arms. The small angel gurgled softly in pleasure at hearing a gentle, kind voice. Victoria gently wiped the grime from the boy's eyes, finally enabling him to onpen them, revealing bright teal eyes that stared up in awe at her. "Oh, you precious little thing..." Victoria purred with a smile as she stood up with the boy, "I'll get you out of here...I'll give you a better home and life...but I, unfortunately, can't promise you much..." She left the room, locking it again behind her, grabbing the duster off the small table to get her things together to leave the demons' castle.
     "Come on...I'll take care of little Tenno..."
     After had telling the demons she was moving and would not be able to clean for them anymore, without saying anything about Tenno, she moved away to a quiet area for Tenno to grow up in. A castle surrounded by a large forest, giving the growing angel all the space he needed to learn to fly and live. 
     The one-year-old Tenno sat in a field outside, his tiny wings and thin, baby hair blowing in the warm summer breeze. A bright yellow flower caught his attention as it swayed back and forth. He crawled eagerly up to it, the lovely scent filling his curious scences. He nosed it and sniffed, then a tickle made him jump back. He crossed-eyedly looked at his nose to discover a orange and blue butterfly sitting calmly, gently batting its wings against his face. He stared at it curiously, then another tickle on his belly made him jerk his head down, causing the buttterfly on his nose to fly up and sit on his head. On his belly, another butterfly fluttered its wings, tickling him. He giggled as more butterflies started to gather around him. He wiggled, causing the butterflies to fly up high into the sky.
        He stared up at them and reached for them, not wanting them to leave. He watched them intently, then remembered their flapping wings. His wings fluttered, faster and faster. Slowly, he lifted off the ground, flying up with the butterflies and chasing them around. He giggled as he flew through the sky. A call from below him made him turn.
        "Tenno?" Victoria called, smiling up at him, "You're flying!" She outstretched her arms to him, "Come here!" Tenno giggled and flew down to her and into her arms. Victoria craddled the little angel in her arms, and Tenno looked up at her in joy. Exhaustion came over him, and he slowly closed his eyes and fell into a sound sleep.
Re-did the beginning of Broken Angel. Hope you enjoy! :)
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Darkmoonwriter Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist you tell me how to put story's on here...cuz um...I like writing and i would like to put my stuff on here to. (BTW I LOVE this story. and all your drawings! I used to only like Danny Phantom. But now i like all the Nickelodeon people cuz of you!^^ Thank you!)
Nicktoonacle Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2010
XD Well, when you go to submit, just click on add text instead of add file and you can type whatever you want!
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So cute
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Blaze1290 Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2009
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Bandannamania Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2009
This is really nice! but I have a question. How do you put up stories like this on to DA? I might sound n00b-y but yea....
Nicktoonacle Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2009
Well, when you go to submit a deviation, all you have to do is click on "Add Text" and you can type whatever you want :)
Bandannamania Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2009
Oh! Umm Thank you very much! I didnt know it was that simple... lol :dummy: :meow:
Nicktoonacle Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2009
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